Pumdi-Bhumdi Pokhara, Gandaki 061
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Cordial Greetings from The Land of Mt. Everest & the Land of Buddha !!

Introducing blissful destination …

Tushita-Nepal is an ideal retreat resort for self – realization. It
has 9 rooms named after the nine planets. Fewa lake, Annapurna range
and 3 mountains above 8000m seen from here, World Peace Stupa just
nearby. Far from the madding crowd. Architecture according to Vastu
Shastra (Fengsui). Herbal garden – Ayurvedic food. Library, Music,
Yoga and meditation room, Astrology Outlook, nature therapy and
spiritual healing. Self service Please !

After a long wrestle, the mother-nature has taught me the secret of
bliss and beauty. I have completed 999 days Yoga and Meditation on
Nagpanchami and started a retreat resort amidst the nature. It is
meant for those who are in pursuit of peace and happiness; Yoga and
Meditation for the noble cause…

May you spread the truth that Nepal is the pious land from where Yoga
& Meditation was started.

9 Days Retreat Package Costs: USD 555
Cost Includes: Indivisual room, 3 meals, taxes, yoga & Meditaion class, World Peace Stupa visit, Jungle walks , memorable gifts….

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