The Sanctuary Foundation for Prayer

The Sanctuary Foundation for Prayer
1600 SW Campbell. Topeka, KS
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Spiritual Nurture and Support for Contemplative Living

The Sanctuary Foundation for Prayer touches many lives – those searching for answers, those looking for more, and those who have felt the call of Grace in their lives and long to go deeper. The Sanctuary offers living water to thirsty souls, as we help people connect with the Source of life, deepen and expand their relationship with God, and enjoy the fruits of that communion in their lives, churches, families, and communities.

The Sanctuary Foundation provides spiritual nurture though spiritual guidance, teaching, and publishing. We have been helping others discover and respond to the presence of God in their lives for over twenty five years. Grounded in the Christian tradition, we work with people of varied faiths and traditions, ​as we focus on the experience of a loving God speaking in an individual’s life with grace, challenge, and transformation.

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