St. Michael’s Retreat

St. Michael’s Retreat
Lumsden, Saskatchewan
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St. Michael’s Retreat is located about 30 kms NW of Saskatchewan’s capital city, Regina, overlooking the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley. Access is through the Town of Lumsden. The Francisan Friars of St. Michael’s Retreat together with the Anglican, Evangelical Lutheran & Roman Catholic Communities operate the Retreat Centre through an Interchurch Board. This partnership is a first in ecumenical retreat ministry.

Retreats conducted by representatives of the three traditions are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. A regular weekend retreat consists of five sessions of less than one hour each.
An atmosphere of silence, meditation and reflection during retreats promotes a listening attitude, encouraging spiritual growth. Free time is scheduled into the program along with the talks and prayers. Opportunities are available for private sessions.


Persons wishing to retreat on their own, with little or no input from a member of the retreat team are invited to call the retreat during weekday office hours to book a private retreat. The cost of a private retreat is $91. for a 24 hour period, including room and meals.


Our Serenity Retreats offer those in 12 step programs an opportunity to improve their conscious contact with God through a spiritual experience of silence, prayer, meditation and reflective talks. Opportunities are available for private sessions with the Retreat Team members and guest presenters.

While we do not charge for Step Three guidance or Fifth Steps, we do appreciate any donation you are able to make. A guide to the donation could be based on your hourly wage. Lack of funds should deter no one from coming for this service.

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