Springbank Retreat

Springbank Retreat

Springbank Retreat for Eco-Spirituality and the Arts is open to all spiritual seekers. Founded as a plantation in the 1700’s, Springbank has been an eccumenical center for retreats, hospitality, healing, Earth education and the arts for more than 50 years.

Located on 80 acres, in a quiet rural setting, Springbank is surrounded by a wooded area, walking trails, ancient live oaks, magnolia trees and flowering camellias. The swamp wilderness, meandering through stately gum trees, is home to a unique eco-system and a vast array of vegetation and wild life.

Our mission is to live simply, to create beauty, to respect Earth and all beings and to share the learned wisdom as co-creators with the Divine for a sustainable future. We offer retreats and programs in spirituality, ecology, wellness and the arts.

Sabbatical programs, artist in residence and hermitage experiences are available. Spiritual companioning, healing massage and Reiki are by appointment.

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