Hidden Lake Retreat

Hidden Lake Retreat

Hidden Lake Retreat, Inc. is dedicated to the awakening of the human spirit by providing a place for deep relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation.

This intimate 7-acre retreat lies nestled in rural forest land on a small beautiful lake in the Cascade foothills. The original lodge was built in 1912, and was lovingly renovated and expanded by the Innkeepers in 2005. Guest rooms retain their rustic cabin feel while the rest of the house envelopes you in classic craftsman country charm.

A vast variety of wildlife and the sound of Hidden Lake’s cascading water contribute to the peace and vibrancy of this very special retreat.

Hidden Lake Retreat is the ideal place for small groups, personal retreats, workshops, gatherings, ceremonies, and alternative healing work. The Innkeepers Lauri Shainsky and Judith Crop offer spiritual counseling and shamanic sound healing, which you can also enjoy while on retreat.

The serenity of the lake, the beautifully-wooded grounds, wonderful food and cozy accommodations all support transformation of mind, body, spirit. Delight in discovering special touches that create a feeling of being home

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