Friends of St. Benedict

Friends of St. Benedict
5150 Macomb Street, NW. Washington, DC
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Friends of St. Benedict was founded in 1997 to carry on the work of the Canterbury Cathedral Trust in America in the area of Benedictine spirituality. In 1982, the first Benedictine Experience, held at Canterbury Cathedral, convinced a core group that an ongoing structure for organizing Benedictine retreats and educating interested groups on Benedictine wisdom could address a real need. Since then, The Friends of St. Benedict and its predecessor have offered ecumenical programs for clergy and lay people to explore the Rule of Saint Benedict within a community of participants.

Friends of St. Benedict continues to develop material and run programs on the Benedictine Way and spirituality, and many churches have established Benedictine groups. These and similar programs have changed the lives of thousands of people who have come to discover finding a spiritually guided balance in their lives between work, rest, and prayer can be supported by the Rule of St. Benedict.


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