Friends of Silence

Friends of Silence
120 Jubilee Ln. Harpers Ferry, WV
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Friends of Silence is a non-profit endeavor to facilitate others in reverencing silence, prayer, contemplation, the Divine Guest, and the Oneness of all creation as well as to encourage the life-giving empowerment that derives from the Silence.

“Is there enough Silence for the Word to be heard?” questioned T.S. Eliot in his beautiful “Ash Wednesday” poem. All too often the answer is NO! And where a need is not being met, small groups of individuals rise up to answer the Cry.

Nan Merrill, a woman of wisdom and compassion, began Friends of Silence in Detroit in 1987 as an urban contemplative community welcoming individuals of all faiths and cultures. We have grown from 40 to an international community at large of over 6,000 pray-ers. We are linked in the Silence, in heart-prayer, and in friendship to many religious and spiritual communities as well as the various F.O.S. groups that are emerging in prisons, businesses, and community centers throughout the United States and around the world. Recognizing the efficacy of silence, we meet together or in the solitude of our homes to hold our family and neighbors, our cities and country, our world and planet in silence and prayer.

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