Enota Glace

Enota Glace
Hollywood Rd. Glace, WV
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Enota Glace is a place of magic and beauty, nestled on a mountainside thirteen and one-half miles from White Sulpher Springs, West Virginia. The atmosphere is filled with Grace and wonder – a perfect setting for introspection and self-development. Currently there is a classroom, a picnic area, hiking trails, a playground, and a place for ceremony. The miniature lighthouse is the inspiration for our centre’s logo. It represents the intention with which the centre is being created: to assist all who would follow their own Light in an energy of humility and Grace.

Our Centre – Enota Glace is a budding conference and retreat centre. Our intention is to host three conference weekends a year: spring, summer, and fall. Each conference will focus upon some aspect of self development and include guest speakers, experiential learning, meditation, relaxation and enjoyment, as well as opportunities to meet and network with like minded individuals.

Our Vision – As participants in the co-creation/evolution of Enota Glace, we believe that all Units of Consciousness are part of a Greater Force with a definite purpose for Being. We offer a Spiritual Retreat Centre where people may choose to learn about themselves, their relationship to each other, the world, the Universe and the Greater Whole of Existence/The All/Great Is/God.

Our Mission – Providing many levels of experience, to incorporate research and development, teaching by example through Discipline, Faith, Trust, Compassion, Forgiveness, Joy, Humility, Discernment/Detachment and remembering that we are all students first.

The Three Components

The teaching philosophy of Enota Glace has three components:

MOTIVATION spiritual: The Divine Spark within is the engine which drives us to achieve and know the greatness in all.

EDUCATION mental: To teach, learn and share knowledge.

APPLICATION physical: Integrate knowledge led by wisdom to heighten receptivity.

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