Visudha de los Santos

Visudha de los Santos,
Location: NM, US

Visudha de los Santos is a highly intuitive and respected retreat leader with expertise in vibrational sound, expressive arts, life transitions and Rites of Passage.
Visudha has led hundreds of people through transitions and healing.

A leader in personal growth utilizing creativity,spirituality, and dynamic movement meditation through direct experience, her mission is to inspire, deepen and animate the essential self. She supports access to, and the
embodiment of authenticity to guide participants to live a fuller, more conscious and liberated life.

While each retreat has a different focus, they all create expanding capacity for greater presence and consciousness; and a deepening of creativity and access to infinite potential.

She teaches and integrates embodiment arts through the practices of movement, the 5Rhythms(r), Vibrational Sound and Ritual to help others
- see more clearly
- understand their connection to all living beings
- acknowledge connectedness to the divine
- understand life as a sacred motion, sacred container.

Her expertise includes psycho-somatic, psycho-spiritual & self empowerment. She created the Serpent Temple and Gong Journey as vehicles to enhance this process by incorporating more ritual and sacred connection to a more soulful life.

Retreat options include personally designed private retreats, group retreats, intensives and residential retreats.

Program Options include 5Rhythms (r), GongJourney(r), and the Serpent Temple. She also offers private coaching and skype support.

"A life well-lived includes understanding where we've come from and where we are going so that we can access the greatest most soulful bits that want expressed. Through
expression the most essential and creative self becomes awakened."

Based in Taos, New Mexico – the Land of Enchantment, she teaches worldwide.