Michelle Burns

Michelle Burns,
Location: MN, US
Email: coach@designyourdestiny.com
Website: http://www.designyourdestiny.com/

Living in the countryside of the Minnesota River Valley, Michelle has an appreciation of the earth and nature and the deep wisdom, abundance and beauty therein. She believes that like nature, each person is comprised of innate wisdom, abundance and beauty. She also knows that the earth is a great role model in balance and renewal, sustaining practices and honoring the present.

Insight and a natural ability to resonate with the intense energy of the world is a strength that allows Michelle to access truths which may be hidden to others. With this unique strength, she encourages clients to focus on a life-enhancing path. Michelle knows it is futile and depleting of energy to focus on scarcity, fears and weakness. Therefore she coaches with a generative focus, using energy for cultivating strengths, mining for more of what’s working and expanding what is possible, sprinkled with lightness and fun too.

A Certified Professional Co-Active™Coach since 2000, Michelle has experience in private practice serving individuals and organizations. She also has served in the corporate coaching arena, three years as a Leadership and Business Development Coach for independent direct sales professionals in a top INC 500 organization.

Michelle leads powerful women and resourceful leaders on half day, full day and multi-day retreat to renew their spirit, reawaken senses and create space to simply "be". She believes in the power and necessity of retreats to enhance quality of being, especially when our cultural focus is on doing. By design, many of the retreats take place in the outdoors, such as a nature preserve, a garden setting, in the woods or a lakeside cabin getaway. Offerings including Wise Woman's Retreat, Enlivened Leader Retreat, Simplicity Northwoods Retreat, andFace Your Fears Adventure Retreat. She also creates customized retreats. Michelle is passionate about holding retreats as a means of transformative connection for the sake of sustaining the spirit individually and collectively.