Lynne Larson

Lynne Larson,
Location: VA, US

As a teacher and guide I continue my own journey and help others find their way. I am grateful to have helped many fellow seekers deal with personal and professional issues, regarding relationship problems, career and work situations, resentments and insecurities, as well as selling a house, going back to school, attending a reunion. Many have found new beginnings, tapped their creativity, let go of false authority and made peace with the past. Others have learned to appreciate themselves as they are. Together we have determined life-changing decisions and resolved minor problems.
Dream study has been my special interest since 1975. Through a prayer and meditation group, I met an expert intuitive teacher and after studying with her for a year, received interpretation guidance for more than a decade. During that time my own method of dream work emerged, and I began working with individuals privately. Today my private consultations range from basic interpretive help to intensive dream work for life transitions and guidance. Weekly dream classes developed into a broader range of programs, workshops and retreats on a variety of dream subjects. Throughout this journey I have documented thousands of dreams including dream stories generously shared by others.

During my early years of dream exploration, I began attending retreats at Dominican Retreat in Mc Lean, Virginia, and have continued to be nourished by their enriching programs. While on retreat over twenty years ago, I discovered the 14th century mystic, Julian of Norwich, and ever since have looked to her Showings for spiritual nourishment. Julian’s experience of the divine and explanation of the Trinity redefined my spiritual awareness and inspired me to share her revelations and “de-mystify” the mystic. I have presented weekend retreats at Dominican Retreat on Julian as well as Dream Wisdom.

The importance of silent prayer and the connection of body, mind and spirit led to practices in moving meditation and centering prayer. After working on a church retreat led by Fr. Bill Sheehan, OMI, an unexpected series of dreams clearly directed me to establish Retreats as a vehicle to reach out to other seekers. In August 2004, Fr. Bill led “Surrendering to God” in Virginia Beach to more than 150 spiritual seekers. This past April Fr. Bill led our fourth weekend retreat together and a fifth is scheduled for April 2010 at The Well Retreat Center in Smithfield, Virginia.

We are in a constant flux of discovery and application from an inner desire for wholeness that may not even be in our conscious awareness. Our outer world is filled with apparent duality.

Integrating prayer, dreams and silent prayer into our daily lives helps us accept ourselves and each other on our journey together toward wholeness and joy.

The search for oneself and the search for the divine are intertwined. Whatever our belief system, our perception of the divine fuels the answers to our pursuit of meaning--who am I? Why am I here? Our discoveries are constantly challenged by the need to apply on a practical level what we know to do, amidst a culture filled with distractions competing for our attention.