Gregory Drambour

We invite you to:
Experience the powerful transformational energy of the Sedona Vortexes.
Create a Custom Sedona Retreat in combination with your Sedona Vortex Experience. Choose from One Day or Multiple Days.
Meet your Spirit Guides and merge with your Animal Totems.
Discover your sacred relationship with Mother Earth and the beauty of Native American Traditions.
Learn more about your Spiritual Path.
Discover how to tune into your own wisdom with a stimulating Sedona Vortex Experience.

Build a a strong Marriage or Commitment with our Couples Retreats.
Learn about the Power of Thought in your life.
Explore and clear the emotional issues and cellular memory that might have led to a serious illness on a Healing Retreat.
Attend our special weekend Spiritual Workshops.
Learn about Super Manifestation techniques based on 2500 year old sacred text.