Carey Creed

Carey is an award-winning singer/songwriter and performer whose folk- and jazz-inspired music can bring your heart and mind to a better place through poetry, pathos and humor--with a little backbeat.
The songs Carey performs are never preachy or doctrinaire, yet they invite the listener to dig deep--and you can hear both Saturday night and Sunday morning in her music.
She has a lofty goal: to affect people the way one critic wrote about her work. "Carey Creed is...well, different. Thank God! She infuses [the lyrics] with such expression, such spirit, that they are literally transformed into some higher, more precious metal, and one is aware of witnessing a quiet miracle." (Anna Garris Goiser, Women Today).
"Creed has a lovely voice, a soprano that brings a certain purity to the performances on 'Peace of Wild Things.' Creed's voice is as warm as it is naturally tuneful...Many well-known performers in the Washington area contribute to the album's charms..."
Mike Joyce, The Washington Post