Bunny Cox

Bunny Cox,
Location: AL
Email: info@bunnycox.com
Website: http://www.bunnycox.com/Home.html

Bunny Cox is an experienced spiritual director, retreat leader, and teacher of prayer for groups and individuals. She has served as a spiritual companion for lay persons, ordained persons, and persons from varying faith traditions. Bunny has been blessed with gifted teachers, including Tilden Edwards, Gerald G. May, M.D., and Rose Mary Dougherty, S.S.N.D.
Bunny is available for spiritual direction, retreats, workshops, quiet days, and other programs designed to deepen and enrich one’s spiritual life. If you wish a companion in your spiritual journey, or if you would like a retreat leader, contact Bunny at 205.310.5781 or at info@bunnycox.com.