Anna Graziano

Anna Graziano,
Location: NJ, US


Do you have issues inhibiting you from experiencing peace, joy, freedom?

Feeling scattered –
Unable to focus –
Wondering where is God-
Is there A God-
faith is deep but sensing there is more-
Just can’t name what you feel-

Issues such as dryness in prayer, times of change in what they believe about God, their church, their life. Struggles with guilt, grieving, anxiety, fears painful memories, abuse and neglect and whatever else blocks you from loving and being loved by others, self and God.

Also, spiritual direction is for those at peace with their life and God but sense a longing that there is more and desire to go deeper.

It has been my privilege to help many men and women on their spiritual journey by providing a listening heart, guidance and holy encouragement opening them to experience a life of freedom and wholeness body, mind and spirit by way of “Finding God in the ordinary events of life”

My own life has been made richer by the fine holy men and women that have mentored me over my life with great love and encouragement.

It would be my privilege to pass that gift on to you.

“Antelopes walk in two’s so one can brush the dust from the other’s eyes”
African Proverb

Anna has ministered for over 30 years offering men and women of all faiths and life styles opportunities for healing and wholeness through inner healing prayer, healing of memories, spiritual direction, retreats and energy work is a certified spiritual director, supervisor of spiritual directors, retreat director, director for The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, and a graduate of the Associates Program for Spiritual Directors at the Upper Room Spiritual Center.

All are welcome – All is confidential